School! nooooooooooooo!!!

2008-03-16 21:02:51 by Juanchi

Well, tomorrow will be the begining of a year or suffering, a year of shit, a year of opresion, listening my last Megaman Remixes by Zero-Resurrected, ZombiePossesor, etc, it was a good vacation, it could be better, so, with dis im saying, Farewell NG, till i get out that Concentration Camp.

PS: im spanish, en verdad weones jajaja

PD: Porque escribi eso??


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2008-03-20 19:43:28

me hate school

Juanchi responds:

who does not


2008-03-20 19:44:26


Juanchi responds:



2008-03-21 18:38:00

so long

Juanchi responds:

more than u espect
much more!
an entire YEAR!!!


2008-03-22 02:04:04

lol yo soy Latino ;)

Porque va a ser un año de sufrimiento?

Juanchi responds:

Porque el colegio es fome, un año de sufrimiento pegao en los cuadernos, privado de libertad, solo estudio y ... bueno tu cachai


2008-03-22 04:54:08


Juanchi responds:

very lol


2008-03-22 15:29:31

If it makes you feel any better, school is shit for me this year.

(Updated ) Juanchi responds:

...........................4 me too, we share our pain


2008-03-22 23:16:05

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Juanchi responds:

K thanks


2008-03-23 09:43:28

darknessdweller wuz here.

Juanchi responds:

I was responding here too


2008-03-24 15:05:38

Is it pronounced "Wahn-chi"?

Juanchi responds:

Kinda yes, thats a name that a ex classmate invented me when I was on primary school, last year i invented one better, Jei-Pyh, but i already had this account on NG and i love it, so i dont want 2 change it, so Juanchi keeped on!
thanks 4 posting